I have a Silhouette Cameo 4. I don’t use Silhouette Studio, but instead I use Inkscape and the wonderful inkscape-silhouette plugin which lets me send to the Silhouette. As such, all downloads here are SVGs. They should work with any cutting machine software that can import SVGs.

If you click the links here and they open in your browser rather than downloading, try right-clicking on the links and choose “Download linked file”.

Needle Bed Stickers for Bond Sweater Machine (Knitting)

If you too have a Bond Knitting Machine and a cutting machine, then this is the project for you! Grab some sticky vinyl (great way to use up scraps of cool holo) and cut this. Each sticker is for 10 needles, so you’ll need 12 to cover the standard USM bed. It may also fit other 8mm knitting machines, if they have ~10mm of vertical space for this sticker set.

A strip 80mm long, with 10 protrusions. The first is a large triangle, the 5th is a small triangle, all the others are rectangular

  • Single sticker if your vinyl isn’t A4 or you want to pick how many to make or how to lay them out
  • 12 stickers on A4 if you have A4 vinyl and just want to press cut once

Christmas Ornaments

I cut these out of shrink plastic and coloured them in with permanent markers. Note! Some shrink plastic doesn’t shrink the same amount in each direction. My version of these ended up as ovals because of this, so be careful. You may want to shrink a test sample square (say 2cm x 2cm) of plastic and then stretch or rotate these designs accordingly.

You could also cut these out of paper, card, craft foam, felt, or anything else you like!

![Eight 7cm ornaments, shaped like baubles. The designs are gingerbread person, candy cane, holly leaf and berry, two candles, stripes, eight pointed star, wavy stripes, stylised snowflake]